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  • Director - Rob Hackett
  • Writer - Roger Goldsmith
  • Executive Producer - Olga Barr
  • Executive Producer - Svetlana Barr
  • Producer - Elizabeth Cook
  • Script Developer - Craig Jenner
  • Editor - Sue Moles
  • Post Production - Absolute Post
  • CFO - Steve Plummer
  • Director - Gregg Masuak
  • Writer - Shaun Graham
  • Executive Producer - Olga Barr
  • Executive Producer - Svetlana Barr
  • Assistant Producer - Nicola Lincé
  • Script Developer - Nicola Lincé
  • Casting - Wildmanhall Casting
  • CFO - Steve Plummer
  • Director - Johnny Kevorkian
  • Writer - Tim O’Rawe
  • Writer - Cathleen O’Rawe
  • Executive producer - Olga Barr
  • Executive Producer - Svetlana Barr
  • Executive Producer - Paul Desira
  • Executive Producer - Michael Packer
  • Executive Producer - Andrew Selwyn
  • Producer - Laura Wootton
  • Producer - Tim O'Rawe
  • CFO - Steve Plummer
  • Director - Sacha Bennett
  • Writer - Andy Barnes
  • Original Novel - Andrew Chesny
  • Executive Producer - Olga Barr
  • Executive Producer - Svetlana Barr
  • Line Producer - Edward Rastelli-Lewis
  • CFO - Steve Plummer
  • Director - Aubrey Reynolds
  • Writer - Monte Moore
  • Executive producer - Olga Barr
  • Executive producer - Svetlana Barr
  • Producer - Laura Wootton
  • DOP - Aaron Barnes
  • First assistant director - Patrick James Stephens
  • Line producer - Scott Fort
  • Casting - Matthew Morgan
  • CFO - Steve Plummer
  • Writer - Tony Matthews
  • Executive producer - Olga Barr
  • Executive producer - Svetlana Barr
  • CFO - Steve Plummer
  • Director - Victor Salva
  • Writer - Tim Dankanich
  • Executive producer - Olga barr
  • Executive producer - Svetlana barr
  • Producer - Laura Wootton
  • DOP - Don FauntLeRoy
  • AD - Jonathan Zimmerman
  • Line Producer - Gary Lowe
  • CFO - Steve Plummer
  • Writer - Anat Ascher & Tova Ascher
  • Director - Tova Ascher
  • Producer - Haim Mecklberg
  • Producer - Estee Yacob-Mecklberg
  • Producer - Olga Barr
  • Producer - Laura Wootton
  • Executive Producer - Olga Barr
  • Executive Producer - Svetlana Barr
  • Creator - Olga Barr
  • Developer - Olga Barr
  • Developer - Svetlana Barr
  • CFO - Steve Plummer
  • Executive Producer - Olga Barr
  • Executive Producer - Svetlana Barr
  • Original Idea - Mike Knowles
  • CFO - Steve Plummer
  • Executive Producer - Olga Barr
  • Executive Producer - Svetlana Barr
  • Series Creator - Angus Henderson
  • CFO - Steve Plummer
  • Writer - Andy Barnes
  • Executive Producer - Olga Barr
  • Executive Producer - Svetlana Barr
  • Series Creator - Olga Barr
  • CFO - Steve Plummer
  • Executive Producer - Olga Barr
  • Executive Producer - Laura Wootton
  • Writer - Paul Curran
  • CFO - Steve Plummer
  • Executive Producer - Olga Barr
  • Executive Producer - Svetlana Barr
  • Writer - Dominic Beresford-Morgan
  • CFO - Steve Plummer

Blackberry Stains

After the tragic suicide of 12- year-old schoolboy Lewis, questions arise about the circumstances of his death. The families of both Lewis and his inseparable best friend Matthew are left at a loss as to why the young boy took his life. However, Matthew soon begins to reflect on how nervous his best friend was when Lewis, Matthew and his father Daniel went blackberry picking two weeks earlier. Matthew’s worries are personified by his inability to wash the blackberry stains from his hands and his suspicions grow when finds Lewis’ handkerchief in his father’s car after the funeral.

Blackberry Stains is an award winning short film, which explores a young boy’s dark discovery, and the implications it will have on both his own life and the lives of those who surround him.

Sucker for Blood

Part True Romance, part True Blood, Sucker for Blood brings a comic, indie-spirited sense of adventure into the horror genre.

Gwen is a vampire who longs for a normal life, and will give up anything to make that happen. Dennis is a normal guy who will do anything to save his dying wife, even if it means giving up his humanity.

Dennis captures Gwen forcing her to turn him into one of her kind, an immortal vampire. Little does Dennis know that he is opening up a whole can of worms, as the realm of vampires is governed by The Organization, a corporation set up to monitor the underworld. When The Organization finds out about Gwen’s begrudging transformation of Dennis into an Immortal, the ugly side of the corporation is revealed.

Meanwhile Dennis and Zoe, his newly immortal wife, realize that they can’t avoid the system causing them to run from The Organization. Gwen is told that she will be granted permission to go through with her vampire exorcism if she finds Dennis and ends his reckless killing spree. A dangerous game of cat-and-mouse unfolds as Gwen is forced to find Dennis and return him to The Organization in exchange for a cure to her unwanted immortality.

Gwen, with the help of Pete and Moe, the Organizational hit men, thus embark on a manhunt in order to find Dennis and “take him out”. Once The Organization finds Dennis, a fight ensues, which results in his wife being killed, sending him on a vengeful murdering rampage. Determined to put an end to the chaos, Gwen decides to put her desires to be human aside in an attempt to make everything right again.


After contaminated yellow #2 pencils from China infect a small town High School on Standardised Test day, a mismatched group of teenagers in detention find themselves confronted by zombie-like creatures that used to be their classmates. With only a hard drinking, chain-smoking, 1960s throw-back for adult supervision, the group must band together to survive the army of Dead Heads. What ensues is an explosion-filled, hormone-fuelled, gore fest.

As they battle the infected students, the teens soon discover each other’s hidden depths, form new friendships and even romance begins to blossom.


Carter sits in an interview room: anxious, confused, and covered in blood. He's linked to four deaths but he struggles to remember recent events. He's a London stock trader, he's married, and he's got a son, after that everything is hazy. To regain his memory, Carter starts telling his tale from his university days at Oxford, how he met his wife, and his first days on the stock market.

The story soon shows us how he rapidly becomes the star-performer at his investment banking company and his ambition soon overtakes the importance of his family commitments. Greed and ambition seduces Carter and he unknowingly mixes with gangsters as he delves into the illegal world of inside trading. Between the emotional events of his wife leaving with his child and the jarring perspective 9/11 put on most peoples' lives, Carter just can't take anymore. He gives himself up and comes clean on his illegal activities. Needless to say, his inside client is none too happy about this and goes for revenge, hitting Carter where it will hurt him mose: his family. Now redemption is all Carter is looking for and only man will decide if he deserves it.


When Amanda and her friends discover a decaying boat run aground in the secluded bayou, they think they have found the ideal party spot. Unbeknownst to them the boat is home to Cutter, a disturbed loner with a tortured past and a body covered with self-inflicted scars. Cutter is driven to defend his home against the unwanted visitors who fight back…but are brutally dispatched and added to his macabre collection rotting in his meat locker.

When local law-enforcement arrive to investigate the missing students, they will be put to the test and tempted by lust, greed and the lure of forgotten fortune. Their final decisions will decide who lives, who dies and whether or not truth will finally be revealed.

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Inspired by real events, Entombed is an intelligent romantic drama that explores the nature of love, its pain, pleasure and ability to endure against incredible adversity. As other memorable films such as Atonement, The Reader and The English Patient, Entombed effectively uses war as both setting and catalyst within an epic love story.

Set in Germany and Poland during WW2, the story centres on lovers Hans and Ericka who are separated when Hans and his fellow soldiers become trapped in a subterranean cavern in Gdynia. The plot follows them as they both fight to survive, reunite and shows how their love for one another remains strong. Over time a love triangle develops when Ericka meets British Army officer, Marlowe. This sets the stage for a tangled web of rivalry, longing and hope between the three main characters.

The Old Hag Syndrome

Inspired by the real and terrifying phenomenon experienced by more than half of the world's population

While pursing her dream of becoming a psychologist, a dream greatly influenced by the death of her sister while she was a child, Annette Chambers has begun her internship at the psychiatric hospital where her mother has been since her decline into madness. But when strange and unexplained things begin to happen, she struggles to find the truth beyond science and the supernatural.

Annette soon learns that sometimes we are haunted by more than just our past. Now she must find a way to stop an ancient evil that dwells between nightmares and reality, before it destroys her...

and everyone she has ever loved.

Stabat Mater

Maya is happily married to Yoav, a senior official at the Ministry of Justice. They have two lovely children and are very happily married.
But one evening Maya spots a figure from her past. She is scared and panicked but doesn't dare say a word to anyone. Terrified that her past has caught up with her, she's not able to sleep and her day-to-day life is completely thrown off course.

She was Nadia Kabir, a 17 year old Arab girl just graduated from the Jewish-Arab girls' school in Jerusalem. She was having a secret affair with Nimer, an activist in a Palestinian Liberation Movement. When Nimer is sent to London on assignment, they secretly marry. In London, Nadia realizes the meaning of the step she has taken, severing her ties with her family and beloved mother, as she embraces a life of exile and escape.

When authorities catch Nimer, Nadia is left on her own. She realizes there is no option of returning to Israel, to her family: she's a terrorist to the authorities and a disgrace to her family. But she meets a man who is able to create a new life and a new identity for her as Maya.

The connection between the two lives, Maya and Nadia, is the core of the film. This connection has a tremendous effect on everyone; it will drop a bombshell on Maya's family and leave Nadia's mother in distress and grief. This connection raises questions of identity, of the ability of society to accept the other and forgive their Otherness. It's a story about innocent individuals who pay a terrible price, the victims of a society that has gone awry, raising the question of when the private and the political merge and the boundaries are blurred. How life seems to repeat itself and not learn from past mistakes.

Original Sinner

Series overview

Blowing dust off the bedroom keyhole of the most iconic women in history, Original Sinner is a new style original sexography - a response to our time's fascination with sex and celebrities. The show will focus on the sexual needs and desires of twelve unforgettable women who proved that only by bending the rules a mark is made.

Each episode will take us into the bedroom of one of the most powerful women in history and reveal her relationship with the strongest force of nature - her sexuality. Original Sinner will release the human beneath the myth and show, for the first time on television, what sex really meant to the women you thought you knew. How was it practiced and how was it reflected to the public? What details of their sex lives have been skewed, hidden and misinterpreted?

In a tone where Sex and the City meets John Adams each episode will entertain with raunchy dramatisations, provoke discussion through light-hearted expert interviews and move its audience by delving into the most intimate area of these captivating women's lives.

The programme looks at the following women separately over twelve one-hour episodes:

  • Cleopatra
  • Jackie Kennedy Onassis
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Queen Victoria
  • Coco Chanel
  • Catherine the Great
  • Pocahontas
  • Empress Wu Zetian
  • Marie Antoinette
  • Lady Godiva
  • Lady Churchill

In Development with the BBC


Series Overview

An apathetic, carefree young man finds an oversized semi-humanoid Tapeworm coming out of his ass. Life as he knows it, or rather ignores it, is about to change as the Tapeworm is all Tommy has suppressed: unpredictable, unique, full of extreme desires while demanding satisfaction! In a dozed off, homogenous parody of our own world, the pair experiences one crazy adventure after another while being chased by state agents on a mission to kill anything that is original.

Behind closed doors secrets are swept under the rug and fantasies are forgotten among comfy cushions. In a world of content pill poppers and stuffed fast food junkies, what you don’t know won’t hurt you! But what if not only what you secretly dream of, but also the craziness you didn’t know you had in you would suddenly surface from your unconscious? What if we push the limits of the imaginable even further and your urges come alive in the form of a living breathing impulsive creature? What if you can never get rid of it because it’s coming out of your ass in the form of an oversized Tapeworm?! Let us introduce the unusual heroes of a daring animated series - Tommy and the Tapeworm, a surprising re-invention of the classic opposite pair whose love and hate relationship against the backdrop of a dozed off society, offer endless comic possibilities to entertain the audience.

Only one step above a vegetable, young Tommy indulges in the same apathetic bubble engulfing the entire society. In pale and clean cut surroundings, ordinary humans living like lemmings give another meaning to the living dead. Children will find their mechanical behaviour and terse speech strange to the point of laughter and adults will be amusingly struck by the absurd parody of their own world. With the sudden appearance of the Tapeworm nothing will ever be the same and things will definitely get out of control! Tommy’s alter-ego claims attention and satisfaction. There is no limit to what the Tapeworm can be and how far his lack of conformity will go.

In 12 episodes of 30 minutes each, in a tone where Southpark meets Invader Zim, we discover how the Tapeworm’s change of moods, crazy actions and out-of-this-world mischief put the pair in one absurd and hilarious situation after the other. We can never predict how he will behave or feel but we can always be sure that it will be extreme.

In Development with the BBC

Gods of London

Series Overview

Blending the mystery of Lost, the real world fantasy of True Blood and the mythology of Rome, Gods of London is a modern and deeply mysterious retelling of the myth of the Ancient Greek ferryman of the dead. The ferryman transported the souls of the newly deceased across the River Styx to Hades, the land of the dead.

In a curious variation on the classic myth, in the 21st Century the ferryman now exists as the driver of a London black cab. Now, instead of rowing the souls of the dead to Hades in a skiff boat, he drives them through the busy streets of London.

Into this world of dark fantasy is thrown the passenger, Mike Chandler, a British soldier, missing and presumed dead in Afghanistan. He finds himself slumped in the back of the mysterious ferryman’s speeding taxicab.

Forced by John Kharon, the ferryman, to adopt his role, the passenger becomes the driver, lost in a world he doesn’t understand. Uncertain whether he is dead or alive, Chandler is trapped in a world between worlds that he must unravel.

This series is about what happens at the crossover of worlds, the world of the living and the land of the dead, the world of ancient Greco- Roman mythology and the world we live in now.

My Flatmate: The Next Prime Minister

Series Overview

My Flatmate: The Prime Minister is a black comedy drama, set in today's London, where morals and ethics of the next generation on politicians is honed and developed. We ask the audience to decide who is the most suited (and by contrast, the most unsuitable) of our flatmates to rise to power. In a similar way to how How I Met Your Mother explains the dating ethics behind finding your perfect partner and Breaking Bad shows you how the elements of life can lead a man to become more than he ever bargained for, My Flatmate: The Next Prime Minister is a fly-on-the-wall view of ordinary people in extraordinary situations. Political dramas are popular on both sides of the Atlantic: The West Wing having won two Golden Globes and The Thick of It's spin-off feature film, In The Loop, was nominated for an Oscar.

My Flatmate: The Next Prime Minister, as well as being light and entertaining, will also provide insight in to what real politicians got up to in their youth. Moulding scenarios on real-life events (it was at The Turf Tavern in Oxford that President Clinton "did not inhale", and former Australian President Bob Hawke entered the Guinness Book of Records for downing a yard of ale in 11 seconds), My Flatmate: The Next Prime Minister will have enough touches of the real to make it convincing.

The Away Game

Series Overview

Despite winning their final game of the 2003 season, Exeter City has been relegated from the Football League after 83 years of continuous membership. Ryan Phillips, a young, black, late season loaned from London is the last player left in the changing rooms. He is disillusioned and eager to return to his parent club. As Hedley White, the long serving caretaker and kit man sweeps up around him, a disbelieving Phillips is regaled with the tale of Exeter's unlikely place in football history.

It is 1914. At the headquarters of the FA in London, the outgoing Chairman, Lord Kinnaird, devises a legacy first time tour of Brazil that will take Association football to as yet uncharted territory. He is encouraged by Sir Hugo Squire, a young, ruthlessly ambitious MP and FA board member who has his sights set firmly on Kinnaird's position. A wager is struck, the arrogant Squire convinced that any team from England would remain undefeated on the tour. Kinnaird chooses the most unsuitable team, Exeter City.

After a rousing send-off from Southampton docks, a three week voyage ensues with the team put through their paces on deck. On arrival in Brazil, their first exhibition match is in San Paulo. It is a breeze and they win with no contest. Here we meet Arthur Friedenreich, a young, unused substitute, who reveals his anguish at being denied a starting place in the side because of his mixed race origins. Few teams will allow black players in their sides, the games are played by white expats.

After three further games with the Exeter still undefeated, a number of the British team meet up with some of the Brazilian players on Copacabana Beach where Friedenreich runs riot with the ball. Chadwick, in conversation with some ex-patriot Englishmen, begins to realize the gulf between the establishment version of football in Brazil and the untapped talent of the indigenous population.

Just as the teams are ready for the long journey home, news of one final extraordinary game arrives; the best players in the land are to be assembled to represent Brazil for the very first time. It is a game too tempting to resist. With half an hour left, Brazil loses their left back to injury. The crowd and the UK team begins to call for Friedenreich to be allowed onto the pitch. Brazil wins because of Friedenreich.

In 2003, Hedley explains how that changed the face of football forever internationally.

Ladies Day

Series Overview

Freshly released from a nine year prison stretch for robbery, 'Hardman' Jack Piper is faced with a world unfamiliar to him. His wife has moved on with her new lover and his estranged daughter barely wants to know him. Upon realizing he is now alone and pretty much unwelcome anywhere, Jack heads for the only person willing to offer shelter, his younger brother Daniel, a well groomed and responsible livery stable manager.

Repelled by his brother's intrusion into his ordered life, Dan sets about attempting to fix his brother and, upon realizing he's actually trying to turn his life around, secures him a job at the stables.

Jack soon discovers that his brother has a hidden secret and is having a sordid affair with the millionaire owner's beautiful wife, Annabel Lake. This is made all the more daring by the fact that 'Sir' Oscar Lake is a ferociously corrupt man with a penchant for violence and criminality.

By daring to step into this unfamiliar world of lavish wealth and optimism, 'fish out of water' Jack's intrusion into Daniel's world sets off a chain of events that will change their lives forever.

The story twists as a careless instance of sibling 'one-upmanship' causes Dan to be discovered in an intimate moment with Annabel. Jack and Daniel are sacked and as Jack licks his emotional wounds back at his brother's apartment, Dan is viciously set upon by Oscar's minders. Jack turns to the only person he feels he can, his ex-wife, who shoots him down with a harsh reminder that everything he touches turns to shit!

As Jack absorbs this reality, Annabel bursts into the apartment, dragging his unconscious and badly beaten brother. Jack reverts to type and it takes all the persuasion possible to deter him from returning the violence and being forced back to prison. It takes an incredible proposition from Annabel for Jack to calm and listen to the voice of reason.

It is decided that they will rob 'Sir' Oscar at his big annual payday at Royal Ascot's Ladies Day Event!

We are now propelled into the heart of the story, where we are introduced to Rupe, Annabel's 'sister', a remarkable preoperative transsexual whose enlightenment leads to the most daring robbery known to man or beast. Jack is reunited with his hapless criminal gang and introduced to an amazing young prosthetic makeup wizard who will provide the perfect cover for them.

The plan is shaping up nicely and there's now also a glimmer of hope for a reunion with his wife and daughter.